Equine Now

Equine Now: www.equinenow.com

Equine NowLocation: USA, Canada
Horses for Sale: 48,000+
Basic Photo Ad Price: Free
Search Option: Yes


What Equine Now says:

Equine Now is an online classified site featuring horses for sale. If you are looking to buy or sell a horse, you’ve come to the right place.

equine now horsesWhat we say:

This site is always at the topĀ of our list for buying and selling. With free photo ads it makes it an easy choice for anyone marketing their horse on a budget, and also creates a huge volume of ads for searching. The ad previews make it quick to browse (although we wish stallions for stud weren’t also included in the results). The layout can make it difficult to navigate for new users, and we found that standard features like the advanced search aren’t always easy to find. It’s well worth the extra few minutes though, and always a great site to start your horse search.

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